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Brown PelicanThe Birds of Culebra

Pelicans, Terns, Boobies and Laughing Gulls

Several species of oceanic birds build nesting colonies on the offshore Cays on the northwest tip of the Flamenco Peninsula. Sooty terns are abundant on four Cays. Their largest colony, located on Culebra itself, covers more than eight hundred acres of the Flamenco Peninsula, Brown "Boobies", Laughing Gulls, Sooty Terns, Bridled Terns and Noddy Terns are known to breed on the Flamenco Peninsula as well as many of they Cays surrounding the Peninsula.

The Brown Pelican, an endangered species protected by federal law, has been sighted in mangrove areas and adjacent waters. In the marsh ponds and mangrove swamp, the Bahamas Pintail, the Masked Duck and the Ruddy Duck nest and thrive. The lagoons form the most important wintering ground for the migratory water foul on the island.