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More reliable than most men :)Getting Around on Culebra

Jeeps, Taxis, Publicos, Scooters and Bicycles.

Your needs for transportation depend on many factors:
- How many people are in your party? The less you are, the smaller the vehicle can be. For 4 a jeep rental is actually an economical option in comparison to 4 bikes or 2 scooters. Plus, you have a place to keep all your stuff when you explore deserted beaches.
- Where do you stay? If you are in town, publicos leave all the time to go to Flamenco and the fare is $3 per person. So for 2 the daily cost would be $12 to go to the beach and you will not need more transport to do shopping and even some of the best snorkeling beaches are in walking distance from town. If you stay on the beach you need to get to town for restaurants and grocery shopping. And you might get hungry at night when there are no publicos .. If you stay somewhere other than town or Flamenco, get a motorized vehicle!
- What shape are you in? Bicycles are a great idea, but if you come home burnt and exhausted - was the beach really that relaxing? Personally I like walking, but that takes time. You do get to see a lot and you can even circumnavigate the island!